The prices

To achieve better results, it is recommended to study at least twice a week. Schoolchildren for 1 hour(=60 min),adults for 1,5 hour (=90 min).

An individual lesson( duration 1 hour)  is 100 shekel.

An individual lesson ( duration 1,5 hour) is 150 shekel.

An individual lesson for two with a duration of 1,5 hour costs 180 shekel.

A lesson for three with a duration of 1,5 costs 210 shekel.

It is possible to held the lessons at your home or workplace for additional fee.


  1. If a student studies more than twice a week he is given a discount of 10% of the cost of each lesson.
  2. Discounts for diligent students! If you haven’t missed a single lesson for two months,you’ll get a discount of 10% of the cost of each lesson for the next month. If you countinue attend diligently, your discount will be kept for the following months.