About myself


My name is Anastasia. I’m a teacher of English.

I was born and grew up in the family of English teachers. My parents are the graduates of the Linguistic University in Nizhniy Novgorod. Both of them have been working successfully as teachers.

As for me, I finished the school with advanced English learning, the best school in the town for that moment.

In that school we didn’t just learned English, but there was a specific atmosphere of English culture. The activities devoted to English culture were held there. The students of the school performed the parts in English plays. They also knew the English poetry and pop songs.

After finishing the school I moved to the city of Odessa ( my grandparents lived there) and entered The Odessa State University. As a student of the 4th grade, I began teaching English the school students.

After I had finished my studies at University, I worked as an interpreter in one of the international companies in Odessa. However, the company suspended its business and I decided to return to teaching. I was accepted to one of state schools in Odessa and worked there for 13 years…

In 2015 I with my family repatriated to Israel and there I decide to keep on       doing what I love.